Tweet Tweet!


It is a secret to no one that I love twitter. And by love, I REALLY love it. I have had a twitter account since the summer of 2008, a bit ahead of my peers I guess. I originally got my twitter because one of my best friends was going to study abroad in Austria that year, and we thought we would be able to keep in touch through that since we couldn’t text each other. Long story short, that plan failed. However, I still ended up using my twitte. I think that witter is one of the best social networking sites of the most recent years. It’s brilliant!


I also use the app Tweetbot. I love it so much! I have it on my phone and on my Macbook Air. It is probably one of, if not the best twitter apps. I think my favorite feature is “muting,” where you can go and mute certain users or tags, so they do not pop up into your twitter feed. I hate to admit it, but there are definitely some people that I have muted so I don’t have to deal with the drama of unfollowing them!

ImageNow that I’ve finished my gushing spree, I can tell you about my twitter experience with #adpr3600


For my pr writing class we were assigned to tweet an x amount of tweets for the semester. As a veteran of this site that was a synch for me. The only problem that I had dealt with the specific things that we were supposed to tweet. I felt unsure about whether or not I was doing my assignment correctly. I really loved going through the tag, and sharing conversations with my classmates. I kind of worry when the content gets regulated more, just because I feel like the material won’t be as organic. It may even alienate people from enjoying the site for what it is! 



One of my favorite #MUEXPLORE pictures!

Don’t let your Social Media get you into legal trouble~

As a political science major I was excited to do this blog. Especially because I am on the Law and Politics track! As social media is becoming more and more of a presence in the work place, the ethics of how to approach them is becoming a larger issue. 


I am also reminded of how important it is to keep your social media sites geniune. By that I mean that a person should not be “sketchy” or fake on their sites. I also think that someone should not go and post completely idiotic pictures and antics all across their profile pictures. A the same time, someone that is too “sterile” comes across as suspicious. As long as people are being themselves, and are using their brains, they’re in the clear! This is my facebook profile (if you’re not friends with me). It’s pretty average, 


This Rhonda Lee, former meteorologist for an ABC affiliate in the south. She was recently fired for responding to a television viewer’s comment about her hairstyle on Facebook. Personally, I thought Lee’s response was extremely cordial and nowhere near qualifying for termination, but apparently the network did not agree. For situations like this, I would prefer if the employer stood up for their employee. Supposedly the channel’s page “liked” the original offensive comment. I think that is so absurd. Currently there is a petition circulating around trying to help Lee get her job back. I will definitely still be following this story to hear the conclusion.


You can read more info about the situation here.


Tips that I have laminated and filed away!


Marquette hosted the PR + Social Media Summit this October, and unfortunately I was unable to attend. However, I was able to see Mary Henige from General Motors speak to our class. Even in hindsight I am able to recall how much of a powerful presence Mary had, and I admire that so much. I know that women are the norm in the communications and public relations spheres, but I really enjoy seeing a confident and poised successful woman. It gives me a lot of inspiration. 


Mary gave a ton of great advice, and she had so much wisdom since she has climbed the ranks over at GM. I really enjoyed how transparent the company seems to be. It impressed me how interconnected all of the Social Media teams were, so there is a really quick response time when customers have concerns.


Finally, Mary handed out a set of resume tips that she thought our class should know. I was grateful that she was generous enough to give that sheet to us. Looking at it right now, the most apparent thing that was on her list was talking about employers are looking for creative people and leaders. I remember her saying that cub scouts, and volunteers get brownie points because you can tell someone’s character if they have been a member of a club like that for such a long time. It makes me really want to savor the relationships that I am forming because they can be beneficial for me now, and potentially in the future. 


I do not want to sound like I am tooting my own horn, but I am happy to be an extrovert during times like these. Communicating is not a difficult task for me! :D


You can reach Mary here on Twitter 


and here on LinkedIn.


She’s Alive!

I just wanted to insert a quick blurb here. I’ve been really sick so I have not been as diligent with this as I wish I could be. I had surgery on the 17th of this month, and I am finally getting back into the swing of things. I’ll be back with some interesting stuff!



Checking in…EVERYWHERE

Do you ever have a routine that has to be completed before bed? When someone asks me that, I usually think of how I wash my face and brush my teeth before hitting the hay. My boyfriend has a slightly different “ritual” of sorts. He has to watch an episode of The Simpsons in order to fall asleep. Last night, he watched the episode “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”. I promise that there is a point to this, hold on. So, while this episode was on and I was falling closer into dreamland, this sequence played on the television:

It’s catchy isn’t it? So as “I’m checking innnnnn” plays in my head, I’m going to talk a bit about an app where the entire point is to “check in”.

FOURSQUARE! It has triumphed above other location checking apps like gowalla(RIP).

4sq is a location based social networking app that thrives on smartphone owners. It works by using GPS and maps to pin point your location from your phone to say that you’ve been at a business, restaurant, or any other establishment. A lot of people have asked me what the “point” to apps like this is, and I actually have a few reasons.

1. You can get coupons or discounts for being a 4sq user. For example, AMEX is partners with 4sq, so certain places will give you discounts if you use your card there.

2. You can read and leave tips. I love this perk. If I’ve gotten a recommendation to go to a restaurant and I’m a bit apprehensive about it, I definitely type in their info on 4sq to see what other people have said about it.

For example: here’s the list of tips that I can see about Johnston Hall on campus (screen cap from my phone!):

3. Businesses can track how many patrons are visiting their stores and see if there is feedback they can work with.

4. Pointless competition. When you check into a place on the app, you get a number of points, depending on if you’re with friends or if you’ve been there before. If you are the user with the most check ins to a location, you become the “mayor” of it. All fun and games, but it is enjoyable to tease others for having less points in a week than you do.

I definitely think that applications like foursquare will become a staple in the social media sphere because people are always curious as to what others are doing. This app took a relatively creepy idea and made it into something productive and fun!

+7 points for this blog post!

Molly Currey: A Soaring Golden Eagle

Last Tuesday, Molly Currey came and spoke to my PR Writing class. She pretty much blew us all away. I will be completely honest and say that one of the worries that I have about creating a brand and an image for myself is that I want to make sure that I never lose sight of who I am as a person. Molly began her presentation showing how much her personal life impacted her professional life.

Molly graduated from Marquette in the late 90s and shortly after that she dove into her PR career at the company Golin Harris. Golin Harris is a company that began in 1956 in Chicago. It’s actually  one of the top 3 agencies in the city, and probably in the top 5 agencies in the world. I was extremely interested in how invested GH seems to be for all of its clients.


As seen in the picture that I took during Molly’s presentation, GH has a number of “big name” companies. They obviously must be doing something right.


Another thing that Molly seemed to stress about being important was that PR is about storytelling. Public Relations is something that not guaranteed. She told us that a lot of the time, you will have to work to tell a story to people who may not have any interest in hearing it.  “Fix it before it breaks,” was a mantra that she said her boss chooses to live by. This motto of sorts helps create a sense of “ultra” security, and making sure that you are aware of all aspects of your clients’ product so you are never surprised.



Molly also spoke of something called “brand voice” and told us about how certain media platforms are used to communicate specific information. For example, the information sent out in a news release will have a different meaning and tone than  a tweet sent out by the company. It is important for PR practitioners to be aware of their voice, and that they stay consistent with that voice.




There was one final point that Molly made that really resonated with me. She said: ” GPA is not as important as you think, character, for these agencies is important!”  While growing up, I feel like people always stressed the importance of how well you do academically will relate to how successful your career ends up being. Molly was expressing almost the complete opposite. She said that personality goes a long way. This makes a lot of sense, because if someone who is supposed to make a living off of communicating with people for people, can’t even conduct a genuine conversation, how are they supposed to be believable as a practitioner? These points that Molly brought up made me want to go out and create more stories, and to live my life more exuberantly.

After class, I approached Molly and asked her if my major would hinder my success as a practitioner. She adamantly declared that my being a political science major would only be a supplement to my career and it would help give me a difference perspective compared to other people.

I was very pleased to have the privilege to hear Molly speak. I hope that in 15 years I will be able to come back and give a similar talk to MU students!




Transparency: Trend or Strategy?

When we were initially told to blog about a PR trend or any type of trend that we were interested in, I immediately thought of things that I could relate to my major. As a political science student I just love to focus on politics and strategies used by those in public affairs. I found an article on the White House’s website about government and transparency. This was particularly interesting because a large number of Americans say that they do not trust the government. This page is very adamant about declaring that government should be transparent so that it creates accountability. For example, Gov. Mitt Romney, who is the Republican nominee for the Presidential election this fall is getting a lot of flack for not releasing his tax returns. Constituents see how much he is resisting to publish these documents, and they begin to question if there is a reason why they have not been made public.

The other day in my Media in Politics class, we were talking about if transparency was really genuine or if it was all skillfully controlled. Because as consumers, how are we supposed to know how much extra information isn’t being revealed to us? For example, I found this info-graph about anonymity vs transparency:


This is basically comparing Facebook: the largest popular social networking site in the world, vs /b/ also known as 4chan,an anonymous forum site.


I think that transparency can be applied to many situations. For example, PR agencies want to make sure that they are releasing information about their clients so they do not look like they are hiding something. These agencies also want to make sure that they are accessible to consumers. In the day and age of Twitter, everyone needs to be accessible, or else people will think that you are shady or hiding something.


Another thing about transparency, as the info-graphic points out is that potential employers can see almost everything people do on their internet time, unless they are aware and make conscious efforts to conceal their identities. What I think is almost frightening, is that people do not care, or are very lax about these type of things. I have a very active role on the internet and on several communities, and I have kept tabs on all of the websites and e-groups that I have been a part of. The worst thing that can happen to a person is to be caught off guard by something that they completely forgot about putting on the internet many years ago. The internet is forever, and I hope that people are not too naive to forget that!


What I think is really interesting about transparency is that it has become a lot more prominent in our society. This may be because of how much people have access to with the way the internet is developing, but I think that it may end up having to pay a price.


There are lots of fans, like the Beliebers for example, who feel extremely entitled to everything that Justin Bieber does. Sometimes I think that fans of celebrities forget that the famous people they idolize are also, PEOPLE. So I feel as if a star has too much transparency in their lives, it could come back to hurt them because of an extreme reaction.


I liked being able to delve a bit more into this idea of transparency. I definitely feel like I will be paying more attention to how people, brands, and agencies present themselves to the anxious public.



this is a test post.

What writing is:

A form of communication

An art

A bunch of lines put together (but really)


What writing can:

Inspire, influence, and inform

Teach and enlighten

Anger and provoke

What writing has:

Preserved history, and the stories of those before us

Evolved into many difference facets

What writing will:


that was the first and last blog post like that. honestly. what am i thinking right now